Medical Job Spotlight – Radiology Technician

Are you interested in finding a job in the medical field that will pay a decent salary without years of schooling? If so, you may want to consider a career in radiology. Radiology technicians are employed by hospitals, urgent care centers, and other medical facilities to perform diagnostic examinations on patients using x-ray technology. Due to the increase in using technology to diagnose certain medical conditions, this is a portion of the medical field that is expected to have a healthy future.

Starting vs. Established

One of the reasons that radiology is an attractive job in the medical field is that starting salaries are fairly competitive. While there are a number of jobs in the medical field that may offer rather low starting salaries, this isn’t the case for radiology technicians. On average, a radiology technician just starting out can expect to earn an average of about $37,000. Since most radiology technician jobs are full-time positions, this equate to approximately $17.79 per hour.

Technicians that have been working in the field for several years may realize a salary as high as $77,160. However, on average, most radiology technician positions will pay about $26.88 per hour, which is equivalent to $55,910 per year for full-time positions.

Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career outlook for a radiology technician is higher than average.  In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2022 available jobs in this radiology will increase by 21 percent. This makes it one of the fastest growing occupations across the board, not just in the medical field.

Experts suggest this growth will be the result of an aging population that needs skilled imaging consultants to read scans to diagnose fractures and other medical conditions. Because of the recent changes in healthcare laws, it is also believed that the need for radiology technicians will grow due to the increase in accessibility to health services.

Job Opportunities

For the most part, radiology technician jobs will continue to be found in hospitals and urgent care centers across the nation. However, in the past several years there has been an increase in physicians’ offices acquiring imaging equipment to make it convenient for their patients to get the answers they need in one location.

In addition to physician offices, individuals interested in working in the field of radiology as a technician may also find employment at imaging diagnostic centers. These centers are expected to grow in numbers as more and more outpatient services are approved and preferred by insurance providers. Over the past several years, insurance companies have begun to realize that outpatient procedures cost less and should be utilized to reduce the cost to the insurance company as much as possible. This is the reason imaging diagnostic centers are continuing to sprout in communities all across the nation.


One of the reasons that so many people gravitate towards this occupation is the return on their investment. Medical school can cost a lot of money and leave individuals in debt for many, many years. This isn’t the case for radiology technicians. All that is needed to become a radiology technician is an Associate’s degree. Of course, if you want to advance quickly in your career and qualify for a larger salary, you may want to consider continuing education classes or even looking into a Bachelor degree program.

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