Mental Abuse

Leading a happy and content life is important for every individual. You may be the richest or the smartest person alive but you cannot lead a good life unless you are tension free. Additionally, relationships cannot work for long if you are not happy.mentalabuse

Many of us are aware that physical violence is a type of domestic abuse but not many people know about mental abuse. Mental and verbal attacks are not taken as abuse by many of us. But the kinds of effects you suffer from any kind of abuse are devastating. A majority of the  population is unaware of the recognition of mental abuse. Facing your problem of mental abuse requires courage. Mental abuse can happen in any form and to anyone.

One of the most common victims of mental abuse is a spouse. This form of abuse can be in the type of yelling, screaming, hurling insults, nagging, manipulation, and telling the sufferer “if you loved me you would….” After sometime the victim experiences physical symptoms because of the abuse. The symptoms that victims suffer are tension headaches, stomach aches, panic attacks, ulcers and consistent stress and worry.

It is a critical situation and needs to be taken care of immediately.  It is very common for the sufferer of mental abuse to lash out at others as he is unable to do the same with abuser. They stay conscious, cannot focus on a particular discussion and usually attack others verbally. They may cut off completely from social interactions and situations. They constantly try to avoid confrontation and attack from the abuser. They may lose their confidence level and start thinking that they deserve to be abused. People suffering from the problem of mental abuse have to be taken special care off.  His or her family must understand his reactions and should stay calm at his unexpected reactions.

The abuser usually cannot stop his or her ways of abusing the victim therefore it is important to make him/her understand what the abuser is actually doing. If you suspect someone in your family, friends or relatives is suffering from this problem then you must talk to them and give them the support they need. It is important for a person going through such mental exertion to recover soon or else his situation can further deteriorate. Mental abuse causes either physical or mental pain and makes the victim hate the abuser deeply. Abuse in general form affects self worth, self esteem, and a person’s ability to trust others and themselves. A person may also lose his ability to love others and develop any kind of care or feelings for even his friends and family.

This mechanism is known as self protection mechanism. In this mechanism a person stops caring for others so that he is able to protect himself from getting hurt when people he love and care for suffer from any problem. The cycle of any form of mental abuse must be stopped. Generally, an abuser may or may not know about the mental state of the victim. He might be constantly shouting and nagging at the abuser for no reasons thus making the victim believe that he has to get used to such treatment no matter what.

There is no medicine that can help a victim come out of this stage but one can surely be treated by showing him the reality and making him fight the statements of the abuser and confront him.

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