Breast Cancer Surgeon Guide

When you think about breast surgery, you’re more likely to think about plastic surgery than cancer, but the sad truth is that in many cases cancer is the cause and not aesthetics. This type of cancer is quite common in the US and in many other countries, so there are a lot of breast cancer surgeons to choose from. You literally can choose one out of thousands of breast cancer surgeons, people with loads of experience when it comes to this type of intervention. If it wasn’t a life threatening condition that you couldn’t ignore, plenty of people would try to avoid dealing with such an important choice. When it comes to finding the best breast cancer surgeons, you should consider a number of things first.

When it comes to breast cancer surgeons, people tend to choose based mainly on the rate of success and on how people talk about their doctors. There are some things to take into consideration here. First of all, choosing based only on their rate of success can be a mistake if they tend to go only with the easy cases. They might simply reject the difficult ones, so naturally their rate of success increases. Other doctors tend to specialize on the most difficult cases, that other wouldn’t take, so naturally, their success rate will be lower. The rate of success doesn’t tell you how good the breast cancer surgeons are, so don’t make it your only criteria for a decision. Look at the doctor, his reputation and how good he is considered by patients and by his fellow doctors.

One other thing that people tend to look at is how happy were his past patients with him. This is another potential mistake, as people tend to be happier with doctors that are nice, even though their results might not be stellar. How nice they are isn’t as important as their results, so you should look at the results as well, not just at what the patients have to say. People tend to give recommendations based on how doctors talk with them and not on how good their treatments are.

Besides looking at the doctor’s experience, you should also look at their certifications and accomplishments, trying to find out how advanced are their skills. Still, the doctor’s experience is the most important thing to look for, and not the official papers he has on the wall. The most experienced breast cancer surgeon is usually the best decision and it gives you the best chance at a good surgery.

One other thing to look at is how close the surgeon is to where you live. There is no point in choosing breast cancer surgeons located on the other side of the country if there are doctors just as good in your city or state. A long travel will complicate matters both financially and for yourself as you have to travel long distances in a weakened condition.

Besides the breast cancer surgeons, you will probably encounter a number of other types of doctors in the hospital. First, there is the oncologist, the person that you will meet first when you find out you have breast cancer. He will confirm the diagnosis and tell you what options you have. Then, you have anesthesiologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons to do reconstruction work if you want it and so on.

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